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Marsi Goes to Mars

by Victor R. Morris

Marsi Goes to Mars

In his debut book, “Marsi Goes to Mars“, Morris introduces young children to Marsi, a precocious young girl whose curiosity is sparked about Mars after learning about the Red Planet at school.

Kids will fall in love with Marsi’s bold and bubbly personality as she shares her adventures and discovers a lot about herself and Mars with her best friend, Marshmallow, a spunky Shiba Inu dog, by her side.

Morris sprinkles in “Did you know?” boxes with current NASA Mars exploration facts throughout Marsi’s journey to Mars. Excitement awaits readers around every corner when she goes to the Red Planet during a vivid dream. She finds a landscape filled with brilliant red rocks, unusual plants and vegetables, and the famous Jezero Crater where the real Mars Perseverance Rover landed in early 2021.

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