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K.A. Brown

K.A. Brown author of The Cost of Killing and Programmed To Win. T16 Books.

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Latest News From KA!!

KA’s new book,
The Cost of Killing:  A Derrick Driver Novel
The second fictional book in his highly anticipated series.

The Cost of Killing by author KA Brown signed copies now available. T16 Books.

Read an excerpt from The Cost of Killing

KA Brown is the author of, Programmed to Win, a political thriller published by Tactical 16 Publishing in 2023.

His second novel, The Cost of Killing is due out this summer 2024.

Before becoming a writer, KA spent over 26 years as a firefighter and retired at the rank of lieutenant, to pursue his passion for writing.

In addition to his career as a firefighter, KA has always been an avid reader and has always had a love for storytelling. When he’s not writing, KA enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife, grown children, and grandchildren.

KA’s experience as a firefighter has given him a unique perspective on the world and has inspired him to explore complex themes in his writing. The Cost of Killing continues the themes and characters introduced in Programmed to Win, while introducing a new storyline and delving deeper into the characters themselves.

KA is excited to continue his relationship with Tactical 16 Publishing and is looking forward to sharing his second novel with readers. He is dedicated to creating compelling stories that will keep readers on the edge of their seats and looks forward to continuing his writing journey.

Interview with KA Brown
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Programmed To Win

Programmed To Win by author K.A. Brown. T16 Books.

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The Cost of Killing

The Cost of Killing by Author K.A. Brown. T16 Books.


5 reviews for Programmed To Win

  1. Nicole

    Programmed to Win is packed with action! If you love a fast-paced page-turner, then this novel is for you. Beautifully written, relatable characters and a political story intertwined with scientific themes, this story will really get your own wheels turning. Highly recommend!

  2. Fred

    Who needs to read this? Everyone! It’s rare for a first time author to hit a home run right off the bat. KA Brown delivers. Great characters, a great plot that is timely and intriguing. His story telling is on par with any best selling author. Pick this book up and you won’t put it down until it’s finished. I cant wait for book two. Please hurry.

  3. Beth Langdon

    Thrilling and Intense Read!!

    I have to admit Science Fiction and Politics are not my typical read but since I know the author, I promised to read it. WOW, I’m sure glad I did. From the first page until the last I was hooked and I couldn’t put it down. Amazing details, deep thoughts, and creative imagination. I highly recommend this book and cannot wait for book two! Very impressed K.A. Brown

  4. Ross

    Terrific first book. Fast read, nice plot twist, great characters.

  5. Mark A. Kelly

    Calling K.A. Brown’s book a political thriller is an understatement. He blends what could be real politics into an exhilarating story. Fast paced and intriguing, you won’t want to put this book down till the end. I highly recommend it.

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