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Walking Again

by JP Lane

Walking Again

In his book, Walking Again, Justin “JP” Lane, a native of Ohio, hopes to give readers strength and courage through his testimony and help others find purpose in their lives, knowing that God is always on their side. He offers a candid view of how his devastating injuries affected not only him but his entire family. This heart-wrenching account of the process of learning to walk and talk again at the age of 23 is a story of hope and healing as only a double amputee can tell it.

JP Lane joined the U.S. Army in 2008 at the age of 20 years old. Like most young men after watching the Twin Towers fall in 2001, JP knew he wanted to join the military when he was old enough to do so. As a combat engineer, he was deployed to Afghanistan as a Specialist with the 428th Engineer Company in October 2010 to search for IEDs, (Improvised Explosive Devices). On July 2nd, 2011, his RG31 truck was penetrated by a 200lb IED while on a mission. He was in a coma for 6 weeks, having 26 injuries and 28 surgeries – changing his life forever. 

“Courage is a word we use to describe how we have our fears. But what word do we use to describe a devastating injury sustained in combat by a soldier who had already proven his courage? Justin Lane, like many other American military heroes, drew from the depths of his soul to overcome his wounds, that included the loss of both legs. To me, the word courage doesn’t begin to describe how this warrior was able to face his future. Read his amazing story and find out exactly what he went through. I’m proud to call him friend.” Lee Greenwood

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