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Million Dollar Bronze Star

A Soldier’s Story of Corruption and Debauchery in Vietnam

by Bruce Lauer

Million Dollar Bronze Star

(4 customer reviews)

In his first book, Million Dollar Bronze Star: A Soldier’s Story of Corruption and Debauchery in Vietnam, Lauer details his time as a U.S. Army soldier overseeing the club system’s finances with the America l Division in the Republic of South Vietnam.

He witnessed scandals and schemes from minor theft to large-scale embezzlement by club managers. Lauer bravely revealed what was happening, ultimately winning the Bronze Star for saving the U.S. Army today’s equivalent of $3.5 million a year.

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4 reviews for Million Dollar Bronze Star

  1. Lorie Damon, Managing Director Healthcare Advisory Practice

    A fascinating account of navigating the complexities of the war and the US Army, while trying to do the right thing.

  2. Rod Santomassimo, CCIM Founder and President Massimo Group, LLC

    Incredible story of courage against corruption during a controversial time in our Nation’s history.

  3. Scott M. Dalrymple, Managing Director PGIM Real Estate

    The horrors and atrocities of the Viet Nam war have unfortunately manifested a selective amnesia relating to the brave men and women who followed orders and courageously served our country – Heroes all of them. Bruce Lauer is firmly ensconced in this cohort.

  4. Ernestine Morgan, President and CEO of Morton Plant Mease Healthcare Foundation

    I’ve known Bruce for years and have always been intrigued to hear about his experiences in Vietnam while serving his country. This will make a great movie!

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